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Our Values

In today's fast pace world, sometimes we forget to celebrate the real joys of life since it requires a lot of time and management. We understand the value of your precious time so we have curated this option of SurpriseKing.

Why You Believe Us?

We strive to inject delectable vibes across India. Our prosperity is defined by the widest and most effulgent smile on your faces. This makes us all the more blissful and jubilant. Smallest achievement to biggest day, everything demands to be celebrated in its own way! Covering various channels to celebrate, we have a unique set of experiences accompanied with exciting ways to startle you.

Our Service

SurpriseKing.com is a team which also owns the renowned end to end amazing experience provider
in Delhi/NCR, Onedaymillionaire.we promise to serve you in the best possible manner.

Here, discover and book the most unique experiences and surprises. From Umbrella decoration to full day experiences, we have got all covered, that too based on your budget. Surprising your loved ones and bringing that beautiful smile on their faces makes you feel frenetic, isn’t it? We plan those endearing moments for you in the most flawless manner where you need not worry about anything.

We Bind Couple

We bind couples with our delightful services and explore their romantic experiences. Enjoy that Enthralling Proposaland dream up services with Eventcreat.com.

How It Works

You think, we create it!

- Choose your favourite experience/product
- Customize it
- If needed, talk to our expert surprise planners, they’ll guide you
- Make your payment
- Leave everything to us and enjoy to the fullest!

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