LED Balloon Surprise

Price: 2499 /-

Surprise your loved one with a room filled with LED balloons. These unique LED balloons glow in dark and are a perfect set up for anniversaries and birthday surprises at home.

What’s included:-
➣40 LED balloons decoration (hanging balloons with ribbons sticked to the ceiling using removable tapes)
➣100 Normal balloon spread across the floor
➣HBD/Happy Anniversary Banner
➣You can add more LED balloons, normal balloon
➣Decorations in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR

Need to know:-
➣These are not helium balloons. We use air-filled LED balloons to create the same look as of helium balloons.
➣Decoration is done with mixed colour balloons, each balloon has a LED bulb that lasts for about 4-6 hours
➣You will have to provide stool/ladder for decorations to be done on the ceiling
➣For same day bookings, please call us at 8750333237 to check for availability

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