Rosette Surprise

Price: 1550 /-

Birthday is super special for everyone and it should be celebrated in a special way. So surprise your loved one and make them go awww when they see this creative decoration with pictures, fairy light and vibrant colourful background.

You don’t have to look for anything else, this surprise will have all the things you can give someone for their birthday so go ahead for this awe inspiring decoration. This is amazing for your special occasions such as husband’s birthday, your first anniversary, child’s birthday, parent’s anniversary, and others events or celebration.

What’s included:-
➣ 10 Paper Rosettes
➣ 24 Printed Pictures
➣ Happy Birthday/ Happy Anniversary Banner
➣ Decoration Delhi/Delhi NCR

Need To Know:-
➣ You will have to provide a stool or ladder to reach the wall
➣Tape will be used to put Rosettes on the wall.
➣Surge charge will be applied for same day bookings
➣The decoration can be done in various themes
➣Decoration At Delhi/Delhi NCR

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